Giving 150 per cent


Michael Dinné has been Carmeq’s Commercial Director since 1 September 2014. 

Michael Dinné und Peter Behrendt (left to right) 

Mr Behrendt, Mr Dinné, Carmeq’s senior management has got bigger. What were the reasons for this decision? 

Peter Behrendt: Carmeq has grown considerably in recent years. An executive board needs to adapt accordingly. What’s more, I’m currently Managing Director at Volkswagen Infotainment GmbH, as well. I still give 150 per cent at Carmeq, but only for half my time at the moment. So it’s all the more important for the company to remain fully operative via a second managing director. 

What does this dual leadership mean for customers like Volkswagen? 

Michael Dinné: I’ve already been commercial manager at Carmeq for five years. Above all, we primarily want to signalise continuity to our customers. 

Peter Behrendt: Dual leadership provides relief and flexibility. After all, even though I’m only in Berlin two days a week, decisions still have to be made quickly and signatures issued. 

What changes for Carmeq’s employees? 

Michael Dinné: They will probably get to see me a bit more often, such as at staff meetings and full works council meetings, where Peter and I answer their queries together. We also want to encourage new topics within the company and pay even more attention to internal communication in future. 

Mr Dinné, as a hobby sailor, you steer the course for your ship as best you can. Do you see a need for any course corrections at Carmeq, too? 

Michael Dinné: Peter Behrendt and I are a well-oiled team. And Carmeq is on a steady, stable growth course with a great crew. And that’s the way it should stay. Perhaps the finance and administration sector is becoming somewhat more visible in the company. 

What other changes are in the pipeline at management level in the near future? 

Peter Behrendt: If we look back, there has already been plenty of change at Carmeq. In a short space of time, we founded the new Software Development sector and half a dozen new business teams. Today, our management is solid and well-poised for the future. We need these stable, constant structures for years to come to be able to focus more intensely on technical issues. These keep changing – we have plenty of new challenges in store for us here.

About the person 

Michael Dinné joined the Volkswagen group in 2001. After working as a fund manager at AutoVision, the business administration expert helped develop Volkswagen’s IT cluster. In 2004 he was commissioned with the foundation of the Design Center Potsdam, where he was commercial manager until the end of 2010. Dinné joined Carmeq’s management as head of finances and administration in October 2009. He prefers to spend his free time at home with his family or sailing.

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